Documenting my travels on a Vespa

Documenting my travels on a Vespa

Documenting my travels on a Vespa

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Freighter Incarcerated

The day had arrived it was time to board ship and sail to a new continent and  the last leg of our journey . I was up early to pack , then I rode out of Jerusalem , enjoying that golden hue that the sunrise brings ,  down to...

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Jerusalem A Glow

After a lazy start and a breakfast that would make Marie Antoinette blush I followed the signs towards Beer Sheva en route to the city of Jerusalem.   The ride up through the Negev desert was a warm welcome to Israel , the...

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Egypt to Eilat

It was time to  move on again , the streets of Dahab even more disserted  than usual , the morning air cool , the sun still hiding behind some of the buildings , I packed the last few smalls onto Victoria . We rode out and into...

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Leaving on a Freighter

The blog is still a little behind , but  between golden Jerusalem and the  remedies of the  Dead Sea time has not been my own and keeping me from QWERTY , so I hope to get the updates done later once I arrive in Italy .  I sail...

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The Red sea and resort life

Getting out of Luxor took longer than I expected , the reason being road works and to many one ways , confusing for both the GPS and  in turn me . Finally we popped out beyond the city limits  and the desert opened her arms to...

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