Documenting my travels on a Vespa

Documenting my travels on a Vespa

Documenting my travels on a Vespa

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Crossing The Deosai Plains

The road from Astore to Skardu. The night ambled into dawn as we slept on an unsure footing then the sounds, smells and light chiselled their way into my eyelids, the smells of three men in a confined space opened my nostrils...

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To the highground Bomber

Wiping the sleep from my eyes, sleeping shorts, T- shirt and nicked hotel slippers I make my way out into the clear morning in search of that hot water to wash the night’s sleep and dreams from body and mind, into the kitchen I...

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A day off Bomber so I thought.

A day of R and R this was meant to be, after a breakfast that involved a whole lot of chilli and chai, my new found addiction I might add, brewed fresh, mixed with milk, no bags to interrupt the diffusion, just fresh tea leaves...

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To the valley of gold, Hunza

  Today would be a later start with a morning strolling the streets of Gilgit in search of a small breakfast as I for one still had Cha Cha chicken overload. Leisurely eggs mopped up with paratha. A great start washed down...

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A Place ……………….

A place. A people. A nation spoken of and tainted by those who rarely visit and hardly ride the roads I have. A place that lets you breathe free, a place that lets your eyes run out of sight but inspires vision. A place that...

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Riding for Naran

After a great night out and well rested we hit the road , luckily for us the traffic was light due to the fact that we left really early by Pakistan standards  as things only kick off  around ten or eleven so being on the road...

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Islamabad to Abbottabad

It was not an early start and our riding posse left the quiet streets of the suburbs after 11h00, four riders and our trusted two stokes hit the streets of Islamabad, being my first time riding something this old took a bit of...

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