The aim of this page is to document all those you have through their kindness , generosity and effort made this trip possible and who will add to the  richness of the journey as I travel .

Thank you to so many for so much  , as I am sure you all can appreciate this kind of expedition does not materialise without a truck load of planning and more than a little help from your friends . I would like to dedicate this page to all those who have touched this journey , spurred me on , offered guidance , support and so much more.

To all my friends and clients whom most are friends , thank you for all your support and loyalty without each and every one of you this would not be possible , thank you for giving me this gift of freedom and time.

What makes this kind of trip quite extraordinary even before it has began , are those wonderful humans you meet while in the  planning stage and the  pure generosity of spirit that you find in strangers , who then become such a important part of your journey.

To Andon who ‘s site ,  who Nik sent me  that ignited the fever and endless possibility  in a trip across Africa .  Andon thank you so much for all your  effort , I so enjoyed our time together  mapping and chatting you have been a great inspiration and a fantastic friend





Nic Mentis from our very own proudly South Africa KAOKO , in my mind the best soft luggage around , thank you for all your advice , time and your magnetic enthusiasm , Nic much appreciate all you did and all your help. I look forward to sharing a few adventure bike stories with you on my return.

Riaan of VansAfrica fame you truly put the beauty of Africa in my heart with your exceptional and amazing stories of your epic journey around our Africa , It was fantastic seeing the world of travel through your eyes. Thank you for your wisdom , enthusiasm and the wonderful gift that will travel with me through Africa.

The Vespa  breakfast gang . To all you fellow  scooterists thank you for those memorable Friday mornings spent in your company over eggs , swine , cups of chino and scooter chat. Thanks for you patience  and support over the last year leading up to the trip. I am going to miss those Fridays and hope you wont mind if I dial in on one for a quick catch up.

Vespa Wynberg  a great family to be a part of. Thank you to every last one of you who took the time to get me to this point , a very special thanks to you Louw for your patience and mechanical counselling   to get us ready for Africa.  Trevor a million thanks for all your help , advice and in particular for organising Madiba to ride along , much appreciated. To brother Guide we will always be grateful to you for those great cappuccino’s and keeping or credit cards slim and trim. Chris both Victoria and I thank you for always keeping her in pristine condition , we really are going to miss you .

My  great friend Robert Dennison who has given me so much that pages would not be enough to thank him for all he has done . Rob thank you so much for the help on all the tech stuff and most importantly this blog set up , it is an amazing gift to be able to  document and share this journey.

Advice , information and inspiration come from so many sources , so a big thanks to all the bloggers and sites out there that helped me with such valuable insights while planning this. Thank you to Rufus and Richard for the advice and your great site 3 farmers and a Greek. Thanks to Moonspaghetti and 90 days Cape to Cairo those true life stories that inspire travel.



Madiba a tribute to the spirit of Africa

Madiba a tribute to the spirit of Africa

Most importantly , a huge thanks to my family who I know find this difficult ,  who unselfishly champion me on with their love ,  support and encouragement  . Mom , Dad and Vanessa your words will be my  comfort and my experiences will be  your joy  , I will journey with you all in my heart.