Documenting my travels on a Vespa

Documenting my travels on a Vespa

Documenting my travels on a Vespa

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Egypt to Eilat

It was time to  move on again , the streets of Dahab even more disserted  than usual , the morning air cool , the sun still hiding behind some of the buildings , I packed the last few smalls onto Victoria . We rode out and into...

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The ride up to Dahab was one of my more relaxed times on the scooter , we had a short distance to ride and time on our side a rare  combination on this trip ,  so it was all about soaking up the Sinai with her open display of...

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Out of Africa or not ?

The ride started early and within no time I was riding through the town of Suez in search of the tunnel that would take me across to the Sinai , and to the road that would lead to Sharm El Sheikh. I felt that I  needed to get...

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Google Earth

My wake up call sounded spot on at 4h40 my pick up to be 5h10 and off I set in the morning darkness to see Luxor by flight . The moon full my fifth on the trip I think ,  I have lost count but I do recall the first in  Namibia ,...

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Luxurious Luxor

After a good nights rest , I woke to a picture perfect morning , indulged with the array of vanities at my disposal and then down to breakfast to complete the  extravagance with pastries , fresh coffee , a fluffy omelette and...

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Town of tourist ghosts

I booked into the Philae hotel in Aswan , the staff a total delight from the outset , I could not get into hot shower fast enough , scrub , rinse , scrub , rinse , I was turning pink from applying so much pressure , but damn it...

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The dreamliner

I woke up early with both excitement and anticipation for the crossing into Egypt , I was to meet Mazaar later in the morning to hopefully load Victoria and I on the same ferry  , as well  as process all the paperwork . So I...

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