A place.

A people.

A nation spoken of and tainted by those who rarely visit and hardly ride the roads I have.

A place that lets you breathe free, a place that lets your eyes run out of sight but inspires vision.

A place that still has the gift of human touch, a place that lets you touch and lets you feel.

A place with heart.

A place with dramatic wild unadulterated beauty, not tamed but gently touched by those who are a part of and live off this land.

A place that lets their voice rise and resonate with pride, for this is their land, this is their flag and this is their home.

A place of childlike generosity and curiosity still pure and possible.

A place that lives just like you and me, loving and wanting children to run free.

A place that lies cradled by its crescent that shows you how it lives in the way the people of this country smile.

A place of faces grown old, bold, wild with beards that hold ancient wisdom of both moguls and men, yet all you see is that human light called kindness that lives in their eyes.

A place that ignites something that lives in all of us, the ability just to be, be a being, a human being.

A place that etches the lines of hardship like old leather worn, torn and broken yet soft to the touch.

A place that’s still holds a great divide in its class, this is the world as we know it a place that currency splits and privlidge runs amok. Yet here a silver thread of green unite a people.

A place that shows you warmth in a way that is so pure it lets doubt cloud its sincerity, but it is just that, it is warmth that glows and grows.

A place of allure, beauty physically hidden, yet vibrant colour a testament to the beauty within.

A place that makes you a better person, by the people you meet.

A place called Pakistan.

A people called Pakistanis.

A country of warmth, generosity and humanity.

Let’s roam free just you and me, in a place we call Pakistan.