Time has taken flight and between terrible internet access and my long days on the scooter the blog has fallen prey to some neglect . I am currently in Sharm El Sheikh taking some R & R , the road fatigue has really taken its toll of late and I have been totally exhausted from riding long hours in the desert heat , that compounded by the numerous check points that hinder ones progress .  So  I have spent much time covering meagre mileage  .

I have booked myself a couple of days diving in the Red sea to rejuvenate body , mind and soul ,  found a really tranquil spot to park Victoria and have decided to lay my helmet down here as home from  home .

I have received numerous mails enquiring after my health , wellbeing and general state of mind  . The truth being ,that the months have built up a residual and perpetual  fatigue and I suspect after a few days spent under water I will feel the  surge of  life return to these African veins .

So my apologies for those who worried , I am safe , enjoying gelato and will write and ride once more .

Thank you for your concern it means the world to me .

Until we meet again .