I love the intensity with which Ethiopians greet , the handshake , the  way they lean in  and shoulders touch .

The coffee , the best in the world by all measures  no matter where you have it.

The fresh juice , plump with pulp , flavour and freshness .

The way the attendant  always shows me the  pump has been zeroed before they start re fuelling Victoria .

The enquiring and inquisitive  ways of her people.

The way they love Madiba and thanks to him me.

The tibs be it meat or fish.

The dramatic landscape.

The wine from the rift valley.

The diversity in culture and language.

The natural beauty  to be found and experienced in the people .

Totally safe yet a little wilder in a way than the Africa that I have travelled.

The preservation of culture held with a distinguished pride.

Beautiful features unique and varied just like the landscape and languages.

The hardship tempered by the colours.

The words guttural the smile true.

You will never out stare the youngsters , they hold their gaze with laser precision.

The birdlife , like I have never seen both in size and colour.

Addis , busy Addis.

Oh did I mention the coffee , the wine and Juice.

Until we meet again.