After a fantastic breakfast, our new destination is Aus and an easier day as only half the road is  gravel and the rest  slick  tar.  After yesterdays 216 grinding kilometres,  I was looking forward to a easier ride.  The ride today started far less eventfully with only a Gemsbok running in front of me and the lazy lizard resting in the road.


The ride changed about 80 km from Aus with extreme  winds pumping off the plains! I had to slow down dramatically in places as the gusts felt like they were pulling my jacket off . The wind effect is further compounded by the fact that the scooter has the aerodynamics of a block of flats with all the baggage,  so the 254 km had its’ moments of fear but I arrived in Aus happy and unscathed.  I could only find accommodation in the local hotel which is beautiful and old world with a wonderful patio to blog from.

Bahnhoff hotel in Aus

Bahnhoff hotel in Aus

I have not decided where to tomorrow yet but I will let you know when I get there.  My communications will be erratic due to the route thatI am riding. What I have noticed out here in the wilderness is that it is far easier to find a red bull than a reliable internet connection. I might only get back on line in Swakopmund but will try where I can.

Just a quick thank you to all for the overwhelming support and well wishes. It really has been amazing and beyond all expectation. Thank you with all my heart.

Until we meet again