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Month: April 2014

11 days and we are off

DSCN2142 DSCN2140 DSCN2138 Louw  and Chris at Vespa

Louw at Vespa about to start the major overhaul

Louw at Vespa about to start the major overhaul

Time has become a rare commodity of late and 24 hours in a day just is not enough. So much still to do , but damn exciting. The to- do list is a never ending reshuffle of priorities. Slowly but surely.  Since the last post much has happened , much has been achieved and much still has to happen.

A big thanks to Vespa. I have been spending time with  Louw  who has been prepping the scooter for me and instructing me on the mechanical workings of Victoria , as well as how to keep her on the road come what may. We have done a major service and are currently replacing all the wear and tear items so that by the time we hit the road she is almost new. New tyres , clutch , brake pads , filters ,oils and lubricants and so the list goes on and on. I am feeling really confident about the scooter and her current state of mechanical well being .

I have a very busy week ahead finalising things at the office and doing last minute administration like the Ethiopian visa and taking on the ever- elusive to do list . I am hoping that by the end of next week most of the outstanding things are done and I can focus on the bike and the trip in preparation for the first of May launch date.



No days just hours

Finally I can sit down with a cup of tea. The day is done and the office hand over complete. The frantic last  goodbyes said , the instructions passed down , the scooter packed and prepped for the morning departure .

I felt a quick post appropriate just to let you all know that the clock has run, and that Time has delivered me to the eve of  what seemed a life time away –  the start of this journey .

I found this in my cd collection – the words and artwork an appropriate start to the adventures of  ” The Soloscooterist”.

Goldfish album cover 'Get Busy Living"

Goldfish album cover ‘Get Busy Living”


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