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Documenting my travels on a Vespa

Day: May 12, 2014

Strolling Swakop

Caught between the soft desert sand and the harsh Atlantic lies a gem cut from the past,  but still contemporary  in lifestyle . This colourful , clean and serene town , quaint and quirky,  plays host to the travelling world.


just delightful architecture , all that is missing is a little snow.

just delightful architecture , all that is missing is a little snow.


Swakopmund oozes  seaside charm and she lures her travellers from far and wide. Words from around the globe brush past you as you stroll her streets. She does not discriminate, she accepts all who arrive to be touched by her charms . From the weathered  overlander with her scruffy boots and hair,  to the lens- laden ” Kaiser  ” in his well-pressed  lightly travelled safari garb…we all flock to enjoy  what she offers.




Spending time strolling the streets with the fresh aroma of coffee and cake transforms you. It lets your mind enjoy a simpler pleasure that touches your heart through your tummy.






It is late Sunday afternoon. The sun is setting over the sea. Cheerful families pour out on to the streets to enjoy  window shopping in town,  or  a long walk next to the ocean to catch the last bit of warmth before the sun drops below the horizon . The promenade is the collection point for families , friends or just your thoughts . I am so enjoying my time here. I love the fact you can’t buy alcohol after midday on Saturday.  Most of the shops close  and people walk everywhere . Yes, she has charmed me. So a day longer  I will stay.



Yes it does work , it has to.

Yes it does work , it has to.




TLC and some statistics

Busy day all in all. I rose to the sun moving in on town, had a great breakfast and then it all started. First,  off to the local motorbike shop to try and get a mirror,  sort out some fresh oil and do the air- filter. Unfortunately they could not help me with anything on my list. So, off to the local car wash  to have Vic cleaned.


Vic's engine bay

Vic’s engine bay

Well travelled luggage no LV here.

Well travelled luggage no LV here.

Seeing this picture reminded me to warn fellow riders. Don’t buy the desert fox fuel bags! They leak terribly. I have resorted to plastic Coke bottles. They do the trick just fine – don’t break and don’t leak .


Well deserved wash

Well deserved wash

While Vic was been washed I went off to town,  did a few chores and bumped into Grant,  a Canadian,  doing  a similar trip to me just on a bike. He really is a Veteran,  having done numerous trips of this kind. he gave me some useful tips on gravel and sand- scootering. Whilst  at the car wash, I topped up the oil and cleaned the Namib out of my air- filter. Once done I found I was sitting next to a baby Dune 45! Luckily the filter had held true and really worked hard . I literally peeled the caked sand off the filter, washed it , re -oiled it and now Vic is almost ready to roll!.

I thought I would throw in a few facts and figures to date.

I have scootered 2670 kilometres  of which around 1000 Km required no tar

Vic has used 80 litres of fuel and some oil – not sure how much.

I have not had one bad nights’ accommodation and always a hot shower.

I have always been able to have a glass of red with dinner if required .

Always had enough fuel.

There is a very good reason Namibian’ s don’t calculate distance in kilometres but rather hours driven.

The only thing short in Namibia is the name.

On occasion a town is bigger on the map than in real life.

Being free takes adjusting .

Namibia should be on every persons To Do list .

Do this route once –  it will leave you speechless.

No Vespa No life.

I am planning to enjoy tomorrow re- packing and doing a few last  odds and ends before we hit the road to enjoy more of Namibia. Steven has put together a very comprehensive list for me to explore, so I will keep you all posted . I have been receiving fantastic emails full of inspiration. Thank you so much.  I do appreciate them , one and all.

Until we meet again.


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