On my return to the city , I have really been lucky , Riaan of VansAfrica put me in contact with Philip , who has  been so kind and gracious and put me up in his home. Philip a South African now living and working in Rwanda has been such a fantastic host that it has been very hard to get back on the road.

On my first night here we managed to pull an almost all nighter enjoying Kigali until the early hours  , we kicked off at a great restaurant called Zen , followed by Papyrus , then Sundowner with the last stop Le Must . Nothing nicer than been shown a city by a local , thanks a million Philip. The next day involved doing a little work on the scooter and then a good wash to put the gleam back into Victoria.

The great thing been in a home is it gives one a chance to spring clean and get the road grime off all your stuff ,  so it was wash and more wash from clothes to the helmet , all the bags the tent and anything else that caught my eye. I had also broken one of the tent pole joins , which I mentioned to Philip , I had done a kind of repair using a cable tie , He then offered to take it into town for me and when he returned the repair was fantastic , the join repaired by sliding a sleeve over the broken join , good as new.

When I arrived back on Thursday I planned to leave for Uganda on Saturday , but between the restaurants , great home accommodation and  fantastic company all seems to have frozen my departure , so here I still am enjoying Kigali . I have also used this time to do some route planning and research on the rest of the trip up to Egypt and Israel , so I am feeling much more confident as well as the excitement that comes with the prospect of new countries and cultures , so I  will more than likely leave for Uganda on Monday or Tuesday .

Rwanda has been such a gift , the people , the place just find a way into your heart and makes it very difficult to leave . Rwanda really offers so much from the great Kigali to those exceptional mountains and valleys filled with natural beauty , a place that should be on every travellers list .

Until we meet again